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Winter 2023 Training Resources

Please find resources from the winter training in Chandler here.


March and April Training Opportunities

BEST Training Opportunities

February 21st, 7 PM: BEST School Board Candidate Academy - Conquering the Media

Click here to register. 

February 22nd, 7:30 PM: BEST School Board Member Leadership Academy - Week 4 

Click here to register. 

The Coalition Training Opportunities

March 2nd, 4 PM: Auditor General's Office presentation on COVID-19 Special Spending Report and the School District Financial Risk Analysis

Click here to register. 

March 27th, 7 PM: Arizona Department of Education presentation on Budgeting for People

Click here to register. 

April 11th, 4 PM: Auditor General’s presentation on Fiscal Year 2022 School District Spending Report

Click here to register. 

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