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School Board Member Training​

Stakeholder Training

Focused on arming board members with actionable tools and offering a knowledge base from subject-matter experts. School board members will be empowered to appropriately challenge their superintendents and colleagues, not just be a cheerleader for the institution.

Focused on helping individuals better understand what school board members can and can’t do as well as what they should and shouldn’t do. Stakeholders will be empowered to navigate the complex public education system to hold their board members and administration accountable.


Training and Development

The Coalition believes training and development of stakeholders are just as important as training and development of board members. An educated community, working together, not against each other, is most likely to achieve the greatest academic outcomes for students. But here, at the Coalition, training is not just lip service.

Helpful Links

Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.)

Laws governing public education in Arizona are found in Title 15 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. 

 Open Meeting Laws are found in Title 38 of the Arizona Revised Statutes.

Parents' Bill of Rights

In the 2020 Arizona Legislative Session, the Legislature passed Senate Bill (SB) 1061, which the Governor signed on June 5, 2020. 

SB 1061 established ARS § 15- 249.16, which requires the Arizona Department of Education to establish and post a statutory handbook of parental rights.

Find the Parents Bill of Rights here

Arizona Public Records

Arizona law requires all officers and public bodies to maintain records reasonably necessary to provide an accurate accounting of their official activities and of any government-funded activities. 

Find a copy of the information here

School Finance

Written by the Arizona Tax Research Association, Arizona School Finance is a thorough breakdown and history of public school finance in Arizona to include discussions on recent trends and issues. Filled with helpful charts, graphs, equations, and flowcharts, this primer provides tools to understand school finance in Arizona better. With hundreds of citations, it includes the history of significant law changes, litigation, and voter-approved activity. It includes discussions on charter schools, empowerment scholarship accounts, and private school tuition organizations.

Purchase an electronic copy here, or contact Katie to purchase a hard copy.

Click here for the table of contents for Arizona School Finance.  

Arizona Open Meeting Law

The Legislature has repeatedly expressed its intent that the Open Meeting Law be construed to maximize public access to the governmental process. 

Arizona Statute provides: “It is the public policy of this state that meetings of public bodies be conducted openly and that notices and agendas be provided for such meetings which contain such information as is reasonably necessary to inform the public of the matters to be discussed or decided. Toward this end, any person or entity charged with the interpretation of this article shall construe any provision of this article in favor of open and public meetings.” A.R.S. § 38-431.09(A).

The Arizona Ombudsman - Citizens' Aide presents an online training video for the Arizona Open Meeting Law. The training is a narrated slide presentation about the ins and outs of Arizona's Open Meeting Law. Find an informational booklet here

This website allows you to browse problematic curriculum being assigned across the country, and anonymously upload your own examples from your child's school.

These people push this curriculum on children precisely because they are some of the only people who don't know any better -- or don't have the authority -- to push back. Adults seem to know what they're doing is wrong, and when it sees the light of day, frequently recoil. This site facilitates that transparency.

If it's being taught to our children as fact, we have a right to see it. And you can play a part.

This is a crowd-sourced site created by Luke Rosiak, an investigative journalist, and data analyst in the Washington, D.C. area who has written about the impact of "Equity" on schools across the country.

Click the above title or here to browse or submit examples of Curriculum in your school. 

If you have suggestions for resources that meet our training goals and objectives, please send them here. All input is appreciated.

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