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About The Coalition

Arizona has more than 200 public school districts and over 400 charter holders. According to the Arizona Department of Education, around 1.2 million of Arizona's K-12 children attend a public school, with approximately 900,000 in one of the 2,000 district public schools and the remaining attending one of the over 700 charter schools. These students represent the future of our country. We want every individual student to reach their greatest potential. 

However, Arizona sees a continued decline in teacher quality, student achievement, and parent satisfaction due to the politicization of our classrooms and curriculum. Our country cannot continue to be a world leader without focusing on the necessary skills of reading, math, science, and history, all with an eye towards critical thinking. 

The purpose of the Arizona Coalition of School Board Members is to promote quality Arizona school board governance focused on delivering excellence in education that best meets the needs of individual students. The Coalition will provide training and resources to school board members, candidates, parents, and communities across Arizona rooted in the priorities of educational freedom, parental rights, and academic excellence. 

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