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See what some of our supporters are saying!

I want to be a part of a school board association that listens to all of its members. We live in a society that values choice, and we have never had one. I am looking forward to growing with the Coalition and all of our Arizona school board members having a choice in associations.

Dawn Densmore 

Governing Board President - Dysart Unified School District

As a parent, I have watched firsthand the influence and power that other associations have used to inject poor curricula, social equity, and other bad policies that have no part in traditional education. I am encouraged to see The Coalition as an alternative resource to get our district boards back on track. 

Jim Hamilton

Parent - Gilbert Unified School District

Once again, Arizona takes the lead when it comes to choices in education - this time with school board member associations. The Coalition knows that parents should be the final authority and it’s time to take a stand against an institution that continually chooses to put politics ahead of the needs of children.  

Amy Carney

Arizona BEST State Coordinator

As a Kyrene teacher, I am glad to see that our school board will have an option to choose what school board association to join. Having only one option is a monopoly.

Deanna Schreckler

Kyrene School Teacher

I am a former principal and would have preferred my school board have options for which association to belong to. Competition is a good thing and drives excellence!

Nancy Dombrowski

Retired Principal

The Arizona Coalition of School Board Members is an important and necessary voice for students and families in Arizona. The Coalition has the ability to provide a perspective to better help navigate the increasingly difficult landscape that is education. It is essential that students, teachers, and parents have school boards who represent their interests through their commitment to traditional education.

Lalani Hunsaker

Charter School Parent

I am excited to support the Arizona Coalition of School Board Members. As a first-time school board member, I reached out to existing organizations and found nothing but partisan politics. Competition fosters excellence, and The Coalition will bring competition to our current stagnant situation. 

Ronda Doolen

Former President - EVIT Governing Board

To the adults with a role in the lives of all of America's children, it is time to wake up and provide these children with the high-quality education that will change their lives forever. "School Choice" is the key! Do we truly care about our children regarding their education? I highly recommend you go to the website for the Arizona Coalition of School Board Members to learn more about how YOU can become involved in a very focused effort on behalf of our children.

Bob Lenihan

Former Teacher and Principal

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