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Title IX Update and Discussion

Join us in hearing from Jonathan Vogel, Managing Attorney of Vogel Law Firm (VOGEL), to discuss the upcoming changes and possibilities surrounding the Biden Administration's new rules and definitions within Title IX and what options exist for school board members.

Budget Series: Session One

Budget Series: Session Two

District Staffing and the Budget:  ADE will walk through the M&O portion of the budget regarding staffing and FTE.  Additionally, ADE will walk through the School District Employee Reports (SDER) to shed light on the current staffing for the school districts.

ADM Reports and Budgets: ADE will introduce board members to the ADM Reports that are generated from the data that their school district provides to ADE.  These reports show the breakdown of ADM that the district has generated, which directly translates to the funding for the district.

Budget Series: Session Three

Budget Series: Session Four

Basic State Aid and the Budget:  ADE will introduce board members to the Basic State Aid 55 (BSA55) report and explain how the calculations of Average Daily Membership result in the Districts Revenue Control Limit on the Budget Forms.

ADE Budget Reports and Budget Revisions:  ADE will introduce board members to the Expenditure Budget Report (BUDG25), what the numbers represent and how this report is used to revise the School District Budget.

Budget Series: Session Five

ADE Budget Reports and Budget Carryforward:  ADE will introduce board members to the Over-Expenditure Budget Report (BUDG75), what the numbers represent and how this report relates to the Budget Balance Carryforward for Districts.

How to Prevent Procurement Fraud and Abuse

FreedomWorks BEST joins us to discuss how to spot the signs of procurement fraud and abuse.

Coalition Call: Rhonda Thomas

This month's Coalition Call Speaker was Rhonda Thomas. Rhonda is the Founder and President of Truth In Education. Truth in Education was founded in 2021 and is dedicated to protecting minors from harmful education concepts that have seeped into the classroom and advocating for the rights of parents to control the education and health of their children.

  • Click here to read more about Truth in Education. 

Matt Beienburg: Curriculum Transparency Bill

Listen to a conversation with Matt Beienburg, Director of Education Policy at the Goldwater Institute, discuss Senate Bill 1211 - The Curriculum Transparency Act! 

Request to Speak Training

Watch this video to learn how to use Request To Speak (RTS). RTS is a system utilized by the Arizona Legislature to support or oppose bills as they go through the legislative process. RTS is an online, thumbs up, thumbs down system where you can express your support or opposition to a bill. In order to register in the RTS system, you must be signed up on a computer at the State Capitol.

Training: Accessing Your District's Academic Data

Here at The Coalition, we prioritize excellence in traditional education that meets the needs of individual students. Academic data can help board members, teachers, parents, and students identify what students have accomplished and how they can improve. Academic data can also inform school leaders and the public about school and district performance.

This training event will show you how to access and interpret your school district state testing data, at various levels of aggregation - school, gender, grade, ethnicity, etc. By becoming knowledgeable about academic performance, you can rely on the information to affect policy and improve academic outcomes.

The Coalition Call: November 2021

Hear from Shelli Boggs, a member of the East Valley Institute of Technology School Board, discuss the duties of a school board member. The discussion is facilitated by Katie Ward, our Executive Director. 

Freedom of Information Act Requests (FOIA)

Tune in to hear Pam Kirby, Board President and Founder of the Coalition, discuss the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and 5 tips for submitting an effective FOIA Request! 

Documents discussed in the video are available here

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